Vegetarian Recipe Round Up

It’s time for some yummy veggie meals!

Most of these are vegetarian, not vegan. These are recipes that I feed my family, so they are kid-approved and don’t require any weird, expensive ingredients.

And as a bonus, many of the ingredients for these ingredients are frequently given out in Neighborhood Distributions.

Inflation Sucks: Stretching your Grocery Budget

Inflation is taking its toll across the board. Wherever you look, prices are going up, up, up.

It’s horrible because Cost of Living increases are not keeping up, so we are working as hard as ever, and our money is buying less.

Depressing to say the least. Here are some ways to stretch your money further and keep your family fed. And this is all practical stuff, I’m not going to tell you to grow a garden or dumpster dive. If you want to do those things, by all means, go ahead.

  • Take advantage of local food distributions. I post information about them each month for locations in San Diego County. Here is the list for February 2022.
  • Inventory your Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer. Knowing what you already have is a good first step. Here is a link to my Inventory Sheets on Canva.
  • Go Meatless 1-3 times a week. Meat is getting crazy expensive, and there are so many tasty, meatless meals out there. I’ll be doing a meatless recipe round-up later this week.
  • When cooking meat, add additional protein to your meals by incorporating lentils or beans into your recipes. I love adding in a can of drained/rinsed kidney or black beans when I make ground beef tacos. I use 1 15-ish ounce can per 1/2 lb of ground meat.
  • If beans and lentils aren’t your jam, bulk up meals with rice, noodles (I love the protein noodles), or a grain like quinoa (which is also high in protein).
  • Bulk up meals with fruits and veggies. Canned, frozen, or fresh- whichever is in your budget. Stores like 99 cents only and Grocery Outlet have great deals on fresh and frozen produce.
  • If you have kids in school, take advantage of free breakfasts and lunches. In California, there will be free lunches for school-aged children permanently. Other states have similar programs.