Save with Smartphone Apps!


Updated June 2022

There are several ways you can save money with something you probably already own: A smartphone. There are a lot of apps available that can help you save money or even earn money.

Here are my must-haves (and all of these are currently on my phone):

Shopkick is a rebate app, similar to Ibotta, where you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards (there are over 70 gift card options) when you buy specific products. More info about Shopkick can be found here.

Fetch Rewards:  It’s not store-specific, which is great. You can learn more here. Use my code ND2TB when you sign up and you’ll score Bonus Points (amounts vary from 1500-4000, depending on the current promotion they are running). 

Makeena: Makeena is not store-specific!  In addition to savings and deals on the organic and natural brands that you love, Makeena also features what I like to call “no brand” or “Any brand” offers on produce, dairy, and health and beauty products.

Ibotta: Ibotta is an App for Smartphones. Available for both iPhone and Android phones, Ibotta is an app that helps you earn cashback every time you shop! Just check iBotta when you are shopping to see what products are available for a rebate, buy them, perform simple in-store activities and earn, earn, earn. You’ll take photos of your receipt and upload them through the app.   I don’t do a lot of grocery shopping at chain stores, so I don’t utilize Ibotta as much as other apps. 

Checkout 51: Checkout51 is NOT store specific! Checkout 51 is a savings program that’s so easy to use, and no Smartphone is needed! It’s an app on your iPhone or Android phone, or you use your computer. Just purchased specific products (and these products change each Thursday, so make sure you check out the app/website before heading out to shop), scan, and upload your receipts weekly. App: That’s right. The printable coupon company also has an app! Instead of printing out coupons, this app works a lot like Ibotta and Checkout 51. And the best part is that there is no minimum for payout, you’re paid quickly

Drop: If you use your phone to shop, this is a great cashback app. In addition, you earn points when you shop in-store at specific stores (you can pick from a list: I have 7-11, Starbucks, Target, and a few others). Points can be redeemed for gift cards. I’m saving points for a Gift Card for a Mommy/Big Kid date night. If you sign up, use my referral code: t7zgb to give yourself a $5 bonus!

Receipt Hog: This one is fun, and easy.  Just snap a photo of your receipts and upload them via the receipt hog app. Earn points for each receipt, and redeem points for gift cards (like Amazon) or cash. I’ve been using Receipt Hog for over 5 years!

Target: If you are a Target shopper, this app is for you.  Instead of the traditional dollar or cent off coupons, Target’s app offers savings in a percentage.  You choose specific offers, based on what you buy, and there are new offers all the time! The best part is that you can use Target App, a Manufacturer Coupon, and a Target Coupon all on the same item!

Mogl: This site/app is a little different.  Sign up and register your credit/debit cards.  When you eat out at participating restaurants, you’ll receive 10% cashback!  You can use this in addition to any other cashback offers your credit or debit card offers. 

Dosh : This app is awesome! Dosh is primarily for restaurants, but there are retailers like Hallmark, Forever 21, Cost Plus World Market, and Sam’s Club. Offers change frequently. Signing up is easy, and there are no receipts to scan, or photos to take.  Sign up here, then link your credit and debit cards.  Once you use one of the cards at a participating retailer, you’ll get a push notification from Dosh, and in just a few days, you’ll have cash back!  The Cash Out threshold is $25.00 which is pretty easy to get. 

Bitmo: Bitmo has several features, including buying and sending gift cards, earning points for shopping in store at various merchants (my favorite is that I earn points for shopping at Target). It’s easy to use and a very passive way to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards.

BYBE: If you buy alcohol or liquor, this app is for you. Available in most states, this app has rebates for beer, wine, liquor, and more. 21+ only.

MyPoints: Mypoints is known for being a cashback shopping site, but they also have a section called Magic Receipt, where you can scan your receipt to earn points that can be redeemed for cashback. MyPoints Magic Receipt is not store-specific, which is great and can be combined with other apps and offers.

BrandClub: This one is fairly new to me, as of late May 2022. Link Your Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Chewy accounts. The app scans your previous purchases, as well as any future purchases. When you purchase from brands that BrandClub works with, you earn cashback via the app, which can then be sent to a Venmo or Paypal account. I’ve earned a little over $80 in a month, just doing my normal shopping.

And don’t forget the apps for your local grocery stores! Sprouts, Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, Food4Less, and others all have their own apps you can download and use to make grocery lists, check sale flyers, find clipless coupons. What I love is that most of these apps also sneak in coupons for freebies! Sprouts has freebies each month on their app. I check my apps before I am about to head out for errands each week and drop-in for my freebies!

What I really like about these apps like Ibotta, and Checkout51 is that you can double, triple or quadruple dip deals when the stars align and there are the same (or similar) deals on each app. Perfect for those of us who are on an ultra-tight budget!

*Disclosure* Most of those links are my personal links, so if you sign up I earn a few cents. When you sign up, you can share your links too and earn a little bit of green!