My Complete List of Side Hustles!


Edited December 2022

I’ve posted about my side hustles in various articles before, but here is my complete list:

My Favorite Side Hustle: Field Agent! I make money by incorporating Field Agent jobs into my already-needed errands. Quick, easy money. Audits, secret shops, and trying new products are just a few ways you can earn money with Field Agent.

My other favorite is PaidViewPoint– They only send you surveys that you qualify for, so there is no wasted time. Payout is only $15.00, so I make payout about once a month. It’s not tons of work, and every little bit helps!

Turn your Junk Mail into Cash! I’ve been doing this for YEARS, and I love it. You can learn all about Small Business Knowledge Center here.

Focus Groups/Research Studies. I wrote about them here. They are not a constant source of money, but I do one about once a month or so, and they tend to pay $75 or more for just a few hours of your time. It’s a fun way to share your opinion with companies and earn some great money.

I also do simple tasks with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. I transfer the earnings to my account. You sign up and do tasks for small amounts of money, but the money adds up fast.  The tasks are quick and simple (transcription, surveys, flagging inappropriate photos).   If you want cold hard cash instead of credit there is an option to have money transferred to a bank account.  Mechanical Turk does ask for your SSN when you sign up- you will receive a 1099- MISC at the end of the year., regardless of which option you select.

Pinecone Research: Get Paid $3 per survey! My favorite survey company. $3 per survey you complete and they only send you surveys that you already are pre-qualified for!

And when it’s time to shop online, I earn with:

  • Earn Gift cards with Mypoints. I take surveys, click links in emails, and do all of my online shopping through Mypoints.
  • Or, if the company isn’t with Mypoints, I turn to Topcashback.

And of course, I use cashback apps. My full list of favs can be found here. No lie, I cash out about $50.00 a month between all of the apps downloaded onto my iPhone!

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