1/31/2022 Weekly Meal Plan

0a5e9dab796cea8a07eabe4eb4795b9e.jpgThis week is starting off with a somber note. My dad is in the ICU and he’s stable, but pretty sick. So, dear readers, thoughts and prayers are requested! My meal plan for the week may not be as put together since I’ll be visiting him and my family as much as I can.

As usual, the CSA Box will be delivered this morning too. I’m hoping to roast up some veggies and make a big salad. I’ll be posting a really yummy salad recipe this week.

Veggies and fruit are delivered by Yasukochi Family Farms CSA. For $25, it’s a great deal. I don’t have to pick anything, go to the store, or carry it upstairs. I can’t go to the store and get the same amount we get weekly for $25. Seriously. It’s a deal. They email a preview of what will be in the boxes over the weekend, so I can start thinking about what I’d like to make.

I did a grocery shopping trip on Friday, stocked up on lunch food and snacks for the kids, and of course- milk and bread.

We’ve been trying a lot of new foods lately, thanks to the really great freebies from Social Nature lately too. It’s fun to try new foods.

For those of you that are new to meal planning, I’ve got an easy 101 style post here with super easy tips and steps. After you get that down, here is info about batch or freezer cooking.

I’ve gotten a pretty good inventory of the pantry, freezer, and fridge done (I try to update it after every shopping trip), so I’m able to plan meals and use up what we’ve got with little waste.

I only post our dinner plans for the week, because our other meals are usually the same each day.

Breakfast: Coffee with 1/2 and 1/2  for me, and pancakes or something along those lines for the kids. They are also into fruit and bagels for breakfast. Lately, the big kid has been digging protein shakes in the morning. This is his favorite kind. 

Lunch: I have a plastic tote in the cupboard full of self-serve snacks. I buy treats and snacks in bulk and fill up snack-sized zip-top bags. I’m back to packing lunches again. However, school lunches are free this year- Little Bit has been buying her lunch and expanding her palate.

Dinner: This week we’ll start enjoying some Dream Dinners, and I’ll be posting pics and deets all over my social media!

  • Monday: Dinner with family
  • Tuesday: Nug night- I’ve got 3 different types, krinkle fries, apple slices & strawberries
  • Wednesday:   Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Power Bowl We didn’t have it last week
  • Thursday:   Baked Stuffed Canollis, salad
  • Friday: Takeout night!
  • Saturday:  Leftovers
  • Sunday: Veggie Soup

Please stay safe you guys!

Q-insights Political Study -It Pays $150


Q-insights is another company where I do research groups, focus groups, and online surveys to earn extra money.

They have a lot of stuff in South Orange County, and less often San Diego County. This upcoming survey takes place virtually!

Q-Insights is currently recruiting for an online interview on the topic of
Political/Social issues.

The study will run between February 22nd to February 28th and you will
be compensated $150 as a thank you for your time.

If you are interested in participating please fill out the survey
Here. If you pre-qualify someone from Q-Insights will call you to ask some additional
qualifying questions.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill: Taco Tuesday Deals All Day!

There are few things I love in life more than Tacos.

Rubio’s knows that most everyone is with me on that and starting this coming Tuesday, February 1, 2022 Taco Tuesday gets even better!

The new year brings a new perk for taco fans as Rubio’s Coastal Grill extends Taco Tuesday pricing all day long, now including lunch. Guests in California, Arizona, and Nevada can enjoy Rubio’s discounted offers, no coupon needed. The all-day discounts include:

  • The Original Fish Taco™ — $1.99: Enjoy our signature wild-caught beer-battered fish, cooked to crispy perfection and topped with white sauce, mild salsa, and cabbage. Served on a warm, stone-ground corn tortilla.
  • The Fish Taco Especial — $2.29: Enjoy the classic Original Fish Taco recipe with handmade guacamole and cheese.
  • The Shrimp Trio — $7.99: Enjoy three fan-favorite shrimp tacos, including the Salsa Verde Shrimp Taco, Grilled Gourmet Taco™ with Shrimp, and the Mexican Street Corn Shrimp Taco.

Guests are invited to order ahead through the Rubio’s app or Rubios.com. For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu, visit Rubio’sFacebook, and Instagram.


Talk Back: Which one are are you most excited to have on Taco Tuesday?

Cutting through Clickbait- Weird Ways to Make Money Debunked!

Ok, so you see the clickbait-y posts on Facebook and other social media “5 CrAzY WaYs To MaKe MoNeY?!!“, and most of them are stupid, convoluted, or impossible for the average person to do. Before you click on “10 Easy Ways Single Moms Can Make Rent This Month!” or whatever asinine crap is going around, lemme let you what “Hustles” aren’t going to pay out well.

It may look like some of these are fairly well paying, but once you consider the time to money ratio, you’d be better off getting a part-time job at Starbucks or a grocery store.

Selling Your Plasma. Seriously. It’s hard on your body, takes time (1-3 hours), and if you have tattoos or piercings, or small veins you can’t do it. And it typically pays less than $50 per session. Some places advertise that you can make $5200/year, but that’s usually 2 donations per week and with referrals each month.

Selling your poop. I’m not kidding, and it’s not an Only Fans Type thing. Open Biome is in MA, and they help people with C Diff. They aren’t taking new donors, and even if they were, you gotta live near the Boston/Cambridge area (and there are additional requirements as well). It looks like there may be other places you can sell your poop too as well.

Manage a Mobile Scooter Fleet. Like Bird or the green scooters (I can’t remember their names). Not only do you have to drive around to pick them off (and drop them off), you have to charge them (paying for electricity). Once you’ve factored in the gas and wear and tear on your car, and the price of electricity, are you making money?

Anything that involves driving your car. Sorry friends, especially those here in Southern California, where gas was this morning $4.45/gallon at 3 different stations in my hometown, driving isn’t a really great way to earn money. Unless you have an electric or hybrid car, the cost of gas, maintenance, and insurance can eat up most of your earnings.

Scan the Stuff you Buy… This has been around FOREVER, and I did it for like a month, but it took so long to do, and I earned pennies.

National Consumer Panel has various ways for you to earn points, which you can redeem for gifts from their catalog. It’s a lot of work.

The next few were mentioned in my TikTok Side Hustles Tested here. I tried them both and they aren’t quick or easy. But if you’ve got time and looking for something you can do over the long haul, they might be for you.

  • Flipping stuff (buying at a low price at thrift stores, garage sales, even FB marketplace) and selling it online for a profit.
  • Selling books from Dollar Tree/thrift stores (Scan UPC through Amazon app to see if the books have a good selling price).
  • Make Coloring books, journals, worksheet books in Canva and upload them to Amazon to sell. This one takes a while to do.
  • Upload free art from Canva to sites like redbubble or other print-on-demand sites where you can earn money when people buy items with images you’ve uploaded (journals are pretty popular recommendations).
  • Make educational worksheets, family binder sheets, or organizational worksheets and sell them via Etsy as PDF’s.

If you are looking for ways to make a little extra money without going out of your way, check out my article here.


Penzey’s Special Gift Card Offer: $50 in Gift Cards Just $35!

This is my favorite deal!! Through tomorrow, 1/30/2022 at midnight, $50 Penzeys Spices Giftcards are only $35! 

And any additional $25 gift cards are only $17.50 each (maximum 25 gift cards).

These are not available for pick up, but gift cards ship for free!

If you have a cook or baker in your life, these gift cards make a great gift, and because they never expire, you can buy them now and give them throughout the year.

*Penzeys Gift Card Offer Details
Cannot be used on the date of purchase. Cannot be used to purchase other gift cards. Not applicable to prior sales, not valid with other offers. Not for resale. While supplies last. Standard shipping rates apply. Offer ends midnight Sunday, January 30, 2022.

1/28/2022 Weekly Freebies and Deals

It’s Friday friends! We’ve got a busy weekend now that we are healthy, it’s time for freebies and fun!

I’m going to try and include links to free local events as well. Please remember to follow all local public health guidelines. In California, that means wearing masks inside businesses and public spaces.

2022 Birthday Freebies are here (and also they’ve started flooding my inbox).


Watch Discovery+ for Free
Free Mab & Stoke Products
Free Simply Earth Essential Oil Box Subscription
Free Copy of Amazing Me It’s Busy Being 3! Book
Free Common Daily Body Cleanser Sample
Possible Free $125 Electronics Research Study
Free Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Collection
Free Old Sad Songs Postcard
Free Bakery on Main Grain Free Granola
Free Black Box Wines Magnet, Koozie & More
Free AYO Foods Hand-Crafted West African Bowls
Free Solid Gold Pet Product
Free Subscription to LEGO Life Magazine
Free $20 Amazon Gift Card
Free The Last Kids on Earth Keychain, Pin, Sticker & More
Free Nature’s Path Granola Products
Possible Free $150 Super Bowl Research Study
Free Urban Skin Rx Product
Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme
Possible Free $125 Health Conditions Study
Possible Free $100 Car Multimedia Research Study
Free Adventure Force Crawling Cobra Snake Toy
Free Body Lotion
Free Chippin Silver Carp Dog Food Sample
Free Prostate Cancer Foundation Heart-Shaped Awareness Pin
Free Explore 131 North Postcard & Decal
Free MaryRuth’s Liquid Probiotic
Possible Free $195 Personal Care Products Research Study
Possible Free $125 Lifestyle Research Study
Free Carmex Products & Swag
Free Sample of Impossible Foods Products
Free Magnolia Network, ID & Science Channels Preview
Free Revive Coffee Sample
Free One by Poise Liner & Pads Sample Pack
Free N95 Masks
2 Free Cans of Nature’s Logic Cat Food
Free LaCréme Beauté Body Lotion, Facial Cleanser & Body Wash



Mainstays Side Storage Desk ONLY $39 (Reg $64)
Disney The Happy Planner 2022 Planner Box Kit ONLY $10 (Reg $35)
Guess Women’s Fuzzy Slippers ONLY $14.93 (Reg $50)
Character Glitter Earrings ONLY $8.99 (Reg $18)
Coach Outlet Mini Camera Bag ONLY $75 Shipped (Reg $250)
Insignia 6-Quart Pressure Cooker ONLY $39.99 (Reg $60)
Silver Bangle 3-Piece Set ONLY $6.99 (Reg $70)
LUKEES by MUK LUKS Sigrid Nikki Too Boots ONLY $32.99 (Reg. $99)
Crayola Coloring and Sticker Books ONLY $1.99 on Amazon
Bruin 2 in 1 Playgym ONLY $17.58 (Reg. $40)
Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox Playset ONLY $34.99 (Reg $50)
Boys Graphic Short Sleeve T-Shirts 2-Pack ONLY $4.74 (Reg $18)
MKF Collection Angelina Crossbody Bag ONLY $27.99 (Reg $169)
MUK LUKS Pitch Soprano Sandal ONLY $16.99 (Reg. $55)
Up to 50% Off Skechers Shoes + Extra 10% Off at Checkout
MOSSY OAK Multi-Tool ONLY $14.39 (Reg. $26)
EverBrite 2-in-1 Mini Lanterns ONLY $8.99 (Reg. $15)
WORKPRO 13-inch Tool Bag ONLY $15.59 (Reg. $26)
FREE Shipt Membership for Visa Credit Cardholders

Birthday Freebies: New for 2022!!

It’s time for some sweet, sweet birthday freebies. I called for some new freebies on my personal Facebook, and a lot of people gave me some freebies they’ve gotten in the past, but nothing that’s 100% free that’s worth adding this year.  I know there are a lot of “get X free when you buy Y for your birthday” and to me, unless it’s someplace I love, it’s not worth it.

I live in Southern CA, all of these freebies are specifically for those of us in that area. I recommend signing up for these freebies at least a month before your birthday, so there is enough time for you to be added to their list. I have included only the freebies that I have signed up for and personally received (mostly last year, because I am just starting to get them trickling in for 2022), so there is no bunk. I have removed companies that have gone out of business.

First up, for those of you in CA, OR, FL, MY, SC, AZ, WA, and NV, check out eBirthdayClub. There are TONS of great freebies on this site.


Non-food Goodies:

Free Food Noms:

  • Roundtable Pizza: Download their app, sign up for their rewards, and they will add a free personal pan pizza and 20 oz soda for your birthday (Received in 2022)
  • Red Robin:  FREE burger on your birthday and all the latest Red Robin news.
  • Rubio’s   Free plate/combo (You have to download their app)
  • Del Taco  Free Shake (You also get something free when you sign up!)
  • Starbucks – Download their app and get a free birthday handcrafted beverage of your choice.
  • Baskin Robbins– Download their app, and you can receive a small scoop of ice cream for your birthday.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Free single scoop.
  • Sonic Drive-in: Free Medium beverage (OMG- Cherry Limeade FTW!)
  • Denny’s: Free Grand Slam for your Birthday. They also email out other freebies and coupons.
  • IHOP: Free Meal (It varies by year) on your birthday.
  • Arby’s Birthday Club: Offers a “surprise” it changes each year.
  • Dunkin Donuts Birthday Club will kick down with a free coffee.
  • Bj’s Brewhouse Rewards members receive a free Pizookie for their birthday.
  • Jersey Mike’s: Free Sub for your Birthday! (No matter what you read online, there is no Subway or Submarina birthday Freebies- Those deals are DEAD)
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt: When you sign up for a Smile-age Account, you’ll score a free Fro Yo for your B-day!  (I love Menchie’s!) Received in 2022
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes: Join their email list and receive a FREE Bundlet on your Birthday. (look for the link at the bottom of their website) Received in 2022
  • Sbarro Rewards Club: Free piece of pizza for your birthday when you purchase a drink. You’ll also get a coupon for a free slice when you sign up.
  • Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt: Free Frozen Yogurt on your birthday.
  • Sprinkles: Get a free cupcake for your birthday when you join the Sprinkles birthday club.
  • Pita Pit: Free Pita for your birthday when you join the Pita Pit E-Club!
  • Bruegger’s Bagels gives you three free bagels for your birthday. SCORE! Our family eats tons of bagels, so this is a sweet deal.
  • D Z Akins
  • Mary’s Donuts East County peeps know what I’m talking about! Free drink and TWO Donuts!
  • Habit Burger Grill’s CharClub Score a free Charburger on your birthday.
  • Panera– Sign up for MyPanera and get a free pastry or sweet on your birthday.
  • El Pollo Loco- Sign up for Loco Rewards to get a FREE birthday meal (2pc Chicken Meal or Classic Chicken Tostada Salad.)!
  • Food, but not a restaurant offer. Like Yogurt? Join the Noosa Yoghurt fan club, Cream of the Crop, and they will mail you a coupon for free yogurt for your birthday!

There are tons of other birthday freebie lists, but they may include offers that are not available here or may include stuff that I don’t consider worth it (like a free Rice Krispy treat when you buy an entree that’s $10+… That’s a hard pass from me, or the Aveda “freebie”- pay $10 and receive a product valued at $23+… No thanks).

Another deal that everyone and their mama go nuts about is Benihana Japanese Restaurant – a complimentary meal up to $30 when you purchase an Adult meal at Regular Price (You must sign up for The Chef’s Table club). This used to be a FREE meal, no strings attached, but it has changed to basically a BOGO. That’s a no go for me, but it may still get you excited.

I have not included Ulta in my list because you have to make a purchase the year previous (and it needs to be a certain amount- I’ve been told different amounts by various Ulta Employees anywhere from $5-$50), so for me, that’s not a freebie. If I have to buy something to receive something, that’s a BOGO deal.


Finding Clothing Swaps in your area!

I love clothing swaps. It’s a great way to keep stuff out of landfills! And with how fast kids grow, it’s nice to share clothes with other families.

Since the pandemic started, there have been almost no clothing swaps, but slowly they are starting to come back. If you are looking for some swaps in your area, here are a few recommendations:

Check out Meetup. I’m a member of Thread Bumpin’, a clothing swap group in San Diego.  They post swap opportunities (swapertunities?) as they become aware of them, and various members host swaps as well.

If you are feeling brave, this article is full of ideas for hosting your own swap (not just limited to clothes).

And as always, here are a few other clothing resources:

Naomi’s Closet is located in Santee, and they provide clothing and toiletries to women in need.

The Sonrise Church in Santee has a clothing swap too! One for kid’s clothes, and another for women’s clothing. Miss Charity’s Closet & Little Blessings Boutique 2nd Saturday of every month at 9:00 am Contact Charity Murphy for more info clmurphy71@gmail.com

And Finally, the Closet of 54th isn’t a clothing swap per se, but they do help those in need with new to them clothes. They are open once a few times each month. You can find them on Facebook. They are located at the Calvary Lutheran Church, 3060 54th Street, San Diego, CA. Contact The Closet at thecloseton54th@gmail.com.


Talk Back:  I’d love to hear about other San Diego area clothing swaps that you know of! Favorite swaps and/or what your best score has been!

BitMo: Shop New Brands and Earn Points!

Bitmo is an app that I don’t use too often, but when I do, I save money and it makes me feel good!

It’s an app that you can use to send and receive gift cards.

After you download the app, you connect your frequently used cards to your account. When you spend money at their supported retailers in-store, you earn points (similar to how Dosh works).

You can also earn rewards when you shop through the app at specific retailers, like a lot of other apps (Dosh and Ibotta to name a few).

And one other thing that Bitmo does is it donates 2% of your gifting spend (that’s how much you spend on gift cards for others) to a charity- there are currently eight, including the San Diego Zoo, Rady’s Children’s Hospital, Feeding America, and The Salvation Army.

Bitmo has added more stores where you can earn money when you shop in-store. Some of the new stores include Autozone, Big5 Sporting Goods, Circle K, Cub Foods, Dickey’s BBQ pit Dutch Bros. Coffee, El Pollo Loco, Flying J, Giant Food Stores, Shop Rite, Meijers, Piggly Wiggly, Jackin in the Box, and Joann’s Fabrics. Some of my favorite existing stores include Target, Starbucks, CVS, and Sprouts.


If you are new to Bitmo, you can earn  10,000 bonus points (that’s a $10 gift card) when you join, connects a card, and does a transaction. Bitmo runs referral bonuses a few times a year, but it’s usually for a $2-$5 Dunkin’ gift card or something small.

They are a San Diego, CA area business too. It’s cool to support local businesses, especially right now when a lot of small, local businesses could use the help.

Fetch Rewards: Buy Bayer Products, Earn 5000 Points & Help Others!

It’s a good time to shop Bayer

The company is donating 1 million over-the-counter and multivitamin products to families in need throughout 2022*.

Right now, you’ll earn 5,000 points when you spend $25 on participating Bayer products below, now through 1/26/2022.

If you haven’t signed up for Fetch Rewards yet, or want to learn more, check out my post here. Find the Fetch Rewards app in your app store, and when you download it and scan any receipt, use my code ND2TB when you sign up and you’ll score 2,000 bonus points. I earned $295 in rewards in 2021 alone, just by purchasing my regular groceries and scanning in all of my receipts (grocery, mass merchandiser, gas receipts, restaurants, you name it).

It is simple, takes minutes, and the points really rack up!