Cutting through Clickbait- Weird Ways to Make Money Debunked!

Ok, so you see the clickbait-y posts on Facebook and other social media “5 CrAzY WaYs To MaKe MoNeY?!!“, and most of them are stupid, convoluted, or impossible for the average person to do. Before you click on “10 Easy Ways Single Moms Can Make Rent This Month!” or whatever asinine crap is going around, lemme let you what “Hustles” aren’t going to pay out well.

It may look like some of these are fairly well paying, but once you consider the time to money ratio, you’d be better off getting a part-time job at Starbucks or a grocery store.

Selling Your Plasma. Seriously. It’s hard on your body, takes time (1-3 hours), and if you have tattoos or piercings, or small veins you can’t do it. And it typically pays less than $50 per session. Some places advertise that you can make $5200/year, but that’s usually 2 donations per week and with referrals each month.

Selling your poop. I’m not kidding, and it’s not an Only Fans Type thing. Open Biome is in MA, and they help people with C Diff. They aren’t taking new donors, and even if they were, you gotta live near the Boston/Cambridge area (and there are additional requirements as well). It looks like there may be other places you can sell your poop too as well.

Manage a Mobile Scooter Fleet. Like Bird or the green scooters (I can’t remember their names). Not only do you have to drive around to pick them off (and drop them off), you have to charge them (paying for electricity). Once you’ve factored in the gas and wear and tear on your car, and the price of electricity, are you making money?

Anything that involves driving your car. Sorry friends, especially those here in Southern California, where gas was this morning $4.45/gallon at 3 different stations in my hometown, driving isn’t a really great way to earn money. Unless you have an electric or hybrid car, the cost of gas, maintenance, and insurance can eat up most of your earnings.

Scan the Stuff you Buy… This has been around FOREVER, and I did it for like a month, but it took so long to do, and I earned pennies.

National Consumer Panel has various ways for you to earn points, which you can redeem for gifts from their catalog. It’s a lot of work.

The next few were mentioned in my TikTok Side Hustles Tested here. I tried them both and they aren’t quick or easy. But if you’ve got time and looking for something you can do over the long haul, they might be for you.

  • Flipping stuff (buying at a low price at thrift stores, garage sales, even FB marketplace) and selling it online for a profit.
  • Selling books from Dollar Tree/thrift stores (Scan UPC through Amazon app to see if the books have a good selling price).
  • Make Coloring books, journals, worksheet books in Canva and upload them to Amazon to sell. This one takes a while to do.
  • Upload free art from Canva to sites like redbubble or other print-on-demand sites where you can earn money when people buy items with images you’ve uploaded (journals are pretty popular recommendations).
  • Make educational worksheets, family binder sheets, or organizational worksheets and sell them via Etsy as PDF’s.

If you are looking for ways to make a little extra money without going out of your way, check out my article here.