Tryazon: Go Back to School With LesserEvil Snacks

We’ve been participating in Tryazon events for three+ years. We’ve gotten to try all sorts of fun toys, games, and food.  You can learn more about Tryazon here.

LesserEvil is on a mission to make healthier, less processed, earth-friendly snacks with this tasty Tryazon Featured Party opportunity.  Introducing Lil’Puffs! A toddler-friendly snack delicious enough to be enjoyed by everyone! Lil’Puffs are made with good fats from coconut oil, doesn’t include sugar, and is vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, Kosher and Organic making them ideal snacks for school, on the go or at home! The Lil’Puff line comes in 4 flavors: Strawberry Beet, Non-Dairy Cheddar, Sweet Potato Apple & Veggie Blend. Simple Acts. Clean Snacks.

Tryazon has 100 hosting spots open for this opportunity! Those chosen will receive a party pack with a sample of Lil’Puffs to showcase and sample with friends and family!  Learn more and apply here.