Fiona and her visit with The Vets

Special Thanks to Moms Meet and The Vets for selecting our family to be part of this campaign. While we did receive compensation for this campaign, all opinions expressed are my own.

Fiona, waiting for her vist (with a Tiktok filter)

If you follow me on social media, you know that our kitty Fiona is a chonk muffin. She, like most of us, has gained weight during the pandemic. And I’ve been a little concerned for her health, she’s also developed what sounds like a cough too.

Scheduling an appointment was super easy. It was all done online/via text, and it really helped ease my fears about getting Fiona to the vet. Wrangling a cat into a carrier, down the stairs, and into the car with two kids was not my idea of a good time.

Knowing that The Vets are staffed by full-time veterinarians and veterinary technicians that care only for cats and dogs in-home made me feel a lot better. The focus on pet parent education about animal health and wellness was great. Dr. Ngo and her vet tech Lea were amazing. They answered all of my questions about Fiona’s health, and got to the bottom of her “cough”. It turns out it was not cough but a reverse sneeze. She may be allergic to pollen (everything outside our house is blooming and dropping pollen like whoah right now). Now we have a plan of action to help mitigate her allergies.

Fiona is very “food motivated”, so Dr. Ngo used tiny treats to ease any fear and win Fiona over.

Getting Fiona’s vitals was a team effort. Much like human health care, The Vets use veterinary health care uses a device that takes the pet’s temperature via their ear, which was a relief to both Fiona and Margaret, who was a big help during the visit as well. She distracted Fiona with her favorite toys, gentle pets, and of course treats. Temptations are Fiona’s favorite.

We learned that when cats carry excess weight it can lead to diabetes, joint pain, and shortened life expectancy. We’ve already made some changes to her feeding schedule and the amount she receives daily, as she already eats “Old indoor fat kitty” food.

Getting Fiona on the scale was an exercise in patience. Treats and pets were used and she finally plopped herself onto the scale. I love that The Vets use digital scales and other modern tools to keep pets healthy.

Fiona got a wellness check from nose to tail, including listening to her heart and lungs, checking her teeth and mouth (yup she’s got teeth, and boy are they sharp!), looking in her ears, checking her nails and paws, checking her for lumps and bumps, and checking her peepers.

Overall she is a healthy girl. We received a prescription for Revolution Plus, which kills fleas before they lay eggs, kills ticks for a full month, prevents heartworm disease, and treats and controls roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites. While she is mostly an indoor girl, she does like to go outside with us, so it’s important we keep her a healthy girl.

Did you say “BATH”?

Fiona is getting a bath this weekend (shhh, don’t tell her), and after she is clean and dry we’ll apply the Revolution Plus between her shoulder blades and she’ll be all set for the next month.

If you’ve got a cat or dog at home and dragging them out to the vet for care is not your idea of a good time, or if you have pets that are nervous or anxious in the car, The Vets is a great resource for you and your pet. It was about the same price as an in-office visit to our local vet and much less stress on the entire family.  I would 100% recommend this service to any of my readers who have a cat or dog in their homes.


As always,  I only post about products and services I personally use and I feel are a good fit for my family and my readers. Please refer to my disclosure page. Thanks again to Moms Meet and The Vets.


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