April 2022- New Month, New Coupons!

file000786402730Here is your monthly reminder!  A new month means new printable and electronic coupons!

The printable coupon market is slowly coming to an end. Smartsource no longer offers printable coupons, and you may notice that there are fewer coupon inserts in your Sunday newspaper. This is in favor of more offers available on apps. But if you love printable coupons….

  • Coupons.com (printable coupons, e-coupons, and a cashback app)

One of my favorite websites is the Sunday Coupon Review.  It helps me plot out scenarios in advance and I can email friends to ask for coupons in advance. Remember if clipping coupons isn’t your thing, but saving money is, check out my list of Smartphone apps that can save you the big bucks! New offers are added on the Smartphone Savings Apps all the time!

Some of the food on sale throughout March includes:

  • More Spring cleaning sales and rebates
  • Paper products (plates, napkins) start to have really good sales.
  • Paint & Wallpaper (a lot of people start to spruce up their homes in the spring)
  • During Lent, seafood is inexpensive.

For a complete list of types of foods and items that will be on sale, check out this post on the cycle of sales.

Here are a few of my favorite new coupons:

Save $6.00 on any ONE (1) Culturelle® Probiotics Kids or Baby product
Save $0.50 on Any ONE (1) Lysol® Product (excluding trial and travel sizes)
Save $1.00 on Any ONE (1) Resolve® Product

AO Opinions: Upcoming Beverage Project $125-$275

AO Opinions is another Market Research company that I get information from. Right now they are recruiting for an upcoming research study on the topic of beverages (specifically coffee).

  • To be considered please complete the pre-screener survey here. 
  • Compensation: $125-$275 (if chosen)
  • Open to: 18-50 year olds
  • PART 1: Pre-Homework Thursday, April 21, 2022 – Sunday, April 24, 2022 – $125, if chosen.
    Complete an online homework prior to your group. You will be required to visit a nearby café and tell us about your experience. We will be asking you to share your responses via written, photo, or video responses and upload them to an online platform called Recollective.
  • PART 2: MUST BE AVAILABLE IF CHOSEN: $150, if chosen. Wednesday, April 27, 2022: 2:45PM-5:00PM ET / 1:45PM-4:00PM CT / 11:45AM-2:00PM PT

Kitchen Reorganization on a Budget!

We’re at the point in kitchen renovation where we need to put the kitchen back together. I was tired of eating out of the myriad boxes in my living room.

Being on a budget, I looked for simple and easy ways to make our kitchen work better for us. Our pantry is long (about 1 meter) and narrow. It’s such a pain. So much of it is inaccessible.

I cleaned out a bunch of the clutter as I unpacked the boxes. My mom gifted me these cool white baskets (which you can find on Amazon here).  She previously used them to store fabric. I put my label maker to good use and labeled the white baskets with the following categories:

  • Soup
  • Sauces
  • Baking Goods
  • Rice and Noodles
  • Oils and Fats
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Canned Goods
  • Soup
  • Snack Box
  • Snacks (I use this for the overflow of snacks)

I also reorganized the spice cabinet, and I’ll be moving some of the bulk spices to these glass jars from the plastic bags they came in probably later this week.

Moving on to all of the drawers in my kitchen. Yeah. Nine Drawers of various sizes. I lined them with Contact Paper from Dollar Tree– which BTW, is so much cheaper than Amazon or the big box hardware stores. I also lined the cabinets that hold our dishes. I did not line the pantry shelves- They are really long and narrow and I can’t reach all the way to the back.

To contain all of the STUFF in each drawer, I picked up some of these skinny drawer organizers, and the drawer organizers in the picture, which are wider and medium-sized.

The Silverware has a drawer caddy (not shown in the photo, but it goes in the empty drawer), but the rest of the drawers were just a disaster. Now the cooking utensils will be corraled, the batteries rolling around the junk drawer will be contained, and all of the yummy drink powders and drink concentrates (like Mio) are corraled.

So for less than $50, I was able to reorganize the kitchen and spruce it up a bit.

After the kitchen is done and the water heater is installed, we’re having a cleaning service coming to do a post-construction clean up. There is drywall dust all over my freaking kitchen and living room. It’s so gross.

4/7/2022: Celebrate National Burrito Day with Rubio’s!

Burritos are the best.

They are handheld and full of comforting food, and they are good for any meal (or snack). Tomorrow celebrate National Burrito Day with Rubio’s!

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 7, is National Burrito Day and Rubio’s Coastal Grill is celebrating by offering every burrito on the menu for $6.99. Guests receive a once-a-year deal on all the popular burritos today, including the California Burrito, Shrimp and Bacon Burrito, and the Chicken Burrito Especial.

$6.99 for a burrito is an amazing deal!

Simply order online at Rubios.com, or through the app, and enter coupon code BURRITO at checkout, or scan the QR code on the coupon in restaurants. Guests are encouraged to order ahead through the Rubio’s app or Rubios.com. For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu, visit Rubio’sFacebook, and Instagram.

I love the Burrito Especial with Grilled Veggies, but you can’t go wrong with any burrito. I know we’ll be enjoying ours from the comfort of our burrito blankies, watching a cooking show.

Talk Back: What kind of Burrito will you be getting tomorrow?

Free Food Resources for April 2022(San Diego County)

Usually, this gets posted the first week of the month. We’ve been dealing with a lot at home lately, so I apologize for the delay. The spring is bringing many new and improved free and low-cost food options around San Diego County!

Keep in mind there are still supply chain issues, so there may not be a lot of food at some distributions, especially those that serve a large portion of the community.

I recommend showing up a little early with a bottle of water and a book and waiting in line. Time passes quickly in these lines, and it’s a great time to learn from others about community food options. Remember to socially distance and follow local masking regulations.

You can find resources here for Central and East County, and Here for North County.

Our friends at Faith Chapel are super ahead of the game and sent out information regarding their 2022 food distributions early on in the year.

If you are located outside San Diego County, call 211. If you are not familiar with 211, here is their website and it can point you in the right direction.

San Diego Food Bank Distributions for March 2022 can be found here. Enter your address (or just your zip code) and the map will show you all of the distributions in your area or closest to you. You can filter by the days of the week to find food when you are available. If there is an income requirement/limit to participate, each location/listing will say such.

Neighbor distributions are intermixed with the San Diego Food Bank Distributions, however, they have no income requirements, and you come as you are. These Distributions are primarily fruits & veg, however, some locations may also distribute canned goods, dairy, and bread.

Super Pantry Locations can be found here (this listing is countywide). The San Diego Foodbank website also has resources for Diaper banks, free food resources for seniors, and more.

All kids in public school K-12 in the State of California are eligible for free breakfasts and lunches at school. More information can be found here

If you know of other resources, please leave a comment! And feel free to share this post with anyone you may know in need.