Tryazon: Wiley Wallaby Back with Gluten-Free, Low Sugar Licorice

We’ve been participating in Tryazon events for three+ years. We’ve gotten to try all sorts of fun toys, games, and food.  You can learn more about Tryazon here.

Wiley Wallaby is back again with another tasty Tryazon Featured Party opportunity.  Introducing Very Berry, the new Gluten-Free, Low-Sugar licorice that is oh so berry berry delicious! Very Berry has just 1 gram of sugar per serving, and is free from artificial colors and flavors, gluten, eggs, dairy, tree nuts, and high fructose corn syrup! Sweetened with allulose and stevia, Very Berry contains no sugar alcohols and has only 9 grams of net carbs per serving. This is the better for you candy you have been waiting for!

Tryazon has 100 hosting spots open for this opportunity! Those chosen will receive a party pack with a sample of Wiley Wallaby Very Berry licorice to showcase and sample with friends and family!  Learn more and apply here.