Looking for Fun, Free TV for Kids 2-11? Kartoon Channel is Here!

Kartoon Channel! is filled with wall-to-wall with Fun, Family-Friendly, and Free shows for kids from ages 2-11. Available for download wherever you get your apps.

  • Kartoon Channel! shows will keep kids entertained.
  • Kartoon Channel! shows are safe for everyone to watch.
  • Kartoon Channel! has great shows for kids 0-11. Some favorites are Super Simple Songs, Rainbow Rangers, Llama Llama, Hatchimals, The Wubbulous World of Doctor Seuss.
  • Kartoon Channel is great for family co-viewing.
  • Viewers can download the app, absolutely free, on their smart TV, mobile device, or tablet.

I downloaded the Kartoon Channel! app this morning, I know the kids are eager to find something new to watch.



Pinecone Research is Looking for New Members!

Pinecone Research has opened up its ranks again! They are on the hunt for new members.

If you are new, here is a post all about Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research members receive points for each completed survey! Points can be redeemed for cash or prizes. They have a new app, so you can do surveys on your phone or other enabled device!

They send you an email notification when you have a survey available. Complete the survey and earn points to be redeemed for either cash or prizes. Occasionally, they will send you a product to test, too.

3/8/2021 Weekly Meal Plan!


Our second CSA Box is being delivered today! To learn more about Yasukochi Family Farms and our first box, click here. A lot of our meals this week are going to be veggie-heavy. We eat a lot of produce anyway, but now we’re eating more local produce!

I hit up the grocery store over the weekend for some much-needed bread, milk, and butter. I’m waiting for the grocery ads to come out for this week to see if I can find some deals on chicken or beef. I really would like to make a meatloaf to have for lunch this week (and meatloaf sandwiches for another lunch).

For those of you that are new to meal planning, I’ve got an easy 101 style post here with super easy tips and steps. After you get that down, here is info about batch or freezer cooking.

I’ve gotten a pretty good inventory of the pantry, freezer, and fridge done (I try to update it after every shopping trip), so I’m able to plan meals and use up what we’ve got with little waste. If you are looking for a kitchen inventory printable, I like the kitchen inventories here. They are great printables.

I only post our dinner plans for the week, because our other meals are usually the same each day.

Breakfast: Coffee with 1/2 and 1/2  for me, and pancakes or something along those lines for the kids.  The kids are nuts about pancakes. The Big Kid has been on a protein shake kick in the AM.

Lunch: The little kiddo and I usually have something quick and filling (I’ve been prepping bean and rice bowls on Sundays for us to have during week) so we can get back to our adventures.  Big kid takes his lunch to school.

Dinner: Usually, I do a crockpot meal on Mondays, but now that we are home all the time, we’ve been having an odd combination of fully home-cooked, scratch meals, and frozen entrees and veggies. I have been posting our meal plans on Instagram too- As well as pics of stuff we are doing to keep busy.

  • Sunday: Badas Burgers (it’s an amazing food truck that’s taken up residence across the street from our house- so dangerous!)
  • Monday: Salad, Nuggets, fries
  • Tuesday:  Entrees & Fruit Salad
  • Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner: Pancakes, Eggs (scrambled with veggies and cheese), fruit
  • Thursday: Skillet casserole, roasted veggies
  • Friday:  Pizza Night!
  • Saturday: Leftover Fiesta

Please stay safe you guys! The sooner we flatten the curve, the sooner life can go back to normal- whatever that means.

Talk Back: What are you cooking for dinner this week?