11/29/2022 Weekly Round-up of Research Studies from PRC!

PRC aka iOpinion is a nationwide research study company. They are always running studies and looking for more respondents. They send me an email once a week with online studies they are looking to fill. Here are just a few:

Topic: Adult Children with Mothers 85+
Incentive: $150 & $175
Who: Females 85+ years of age
Date(s): December 5 – 8, 2022
Duration: 60-minutes & 90-minute group discussions
Location: Virtual online/webcam required

Topic: Nicotine and Tobacco Products
Incentive: $150
Who: Adults, 18+ years old
Location: Online via webcam
Duration: 90 minutes
Date(s): December 6-8, 2022

Topic: Pregnancy Study
Incentive: $150
Who: Pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester
Location: Nationwide
Duration: 2 hours
Date: December 14th, 2022


1) Only allow 1 response per survey, per person.

2) Unless otherwise stated, most online studies require a webcam with working audio/video on a laptop/desktop.

3) Unless otherwise stated, payment will be in the form of a digital gift card or PayPal.

Interested in Participating? The surveys are to see if you qualify for an upcoming study. Use the links below to respond to the surveys! If you pre-qualify, a recruiter will contact you with further questions and details. Please do not call about the studies listed below (unless you are indicated to call for a study). Please note that all replies are confidential, and no data is aggregated from your responses; PRC only uses your provided information to determine if you might qualify for the postings.

Spots are limited for each study that is listed. Due to the significant response to the surveys, not everyone will be contacted.

11/29/2022 Weekly Meal Plan

0a5e9dab796cea8a07eabe4eb4795b9e.jpgOur  Yasukochi Family Farms CSA box arrived yesterday and it’s a jumbo this week. I spent a lot of time roasting veggies last night.

We’re having a lot of veggie-based meals this week to make as much of our CSA box as possible.

We’ve been trying a lot of new foods lately, thanks to the really great freebies from Social Nature lately too. It’s fun to try new foods.

For those of you that are new to meal planning, I’ve got an easy 101 style post here with super easy tips and steps. After you get that down, here is info about batch or freezer cooking.

I’ve gotten a pretty good inventory of the pantry, freezer, and fridge done (I try to update it after every shopping trip), so I’m able to plan meals and use up what we’ve got with little waste.

I only post our dinner plans for the week, because our other meals are usually the same each day.

Breakfast: Coffee with 1/2 and 1/2  for me, and pancakes or something along those lines for the kids. They are also into fruit and bagels for breakfast. Lately, the big kid has been digging protein shakes in the morning. This is his favorite kind. 

Lunch: I have a plastic tote in the cupboard full of self-serve snacks. I buy treats and snacks in bulk and fill up snack-sized zip-top bags. The big kid brings his lunch from home every day and the littlest buys her lunch at school about half the time. In California, all public schools provide breakfast and lunch for free.

Dinner: This week is packed as far as appointments, so I’m leaning on stuff that’s easy and tasty. I prepped fruits and veg over the weekend and made up the last Dream Dinner and portioned it into lunch-sized servings.

  • Monday: Chicken Tetrazzini, roasted veggies

  • Tuesday:  Breakfast sandwiches (eggs, cheese, sausage), fried potatoes with onions and peppers, fruit salad

  • Wednesday: Nuggets, fruit, crackers, and cheese (the typical Wednesday night dinner)

  • Thursday:  Baked pasta, salad

  • Friday: Takeout night!
  • Saturday: Potato Cheese Soup.  Best Salad Ever, garlic bread
  • Sunday:  Leftovers