3/29/2022- No Meal Plan this week!

I know. I’ve done it every week through our kitchen remodel, but… I’m tired. We’re coming around the bend and I can see the finish line, but.. I’m tired of trying to cook food in a microwave. At this point, we don’t have access to our stove (It’s currently sitting next to our kitchen table in the dining area), or air fryer/toaster oven, dishwasher, or kitchen sink. 99.9% of our dishes, pots, and pans are in boxes in the living room.

It’s easier for us to forage for food out of the open pantry boxes in the living room, or eat out for the next week or less. I’m stressed, my house is covered in construction dust, and everything is in boxes and mushed around. It’s not relaxing, and it barely feels like home. I’ve been posting pics on Instagram.

I didn’t get a CSA box this week. We’ll get one next week. By next week, I’ll have my kitchen back, and I’ve got all sorts of ideas!