Tryazon: Kids Holiday Game Night with Skillmatics!

We’ve been participating in Tryazon events for three+ years. We’ve gotten to try all sorts of fun toys, games, and food.  You can learn more about Tryazon here.

Bring learning fun into your next holiday get-together with this Tryazon Featured Party opportunity from Skillmatics! Featuring a selection of educational card games like the newly launched Found It! Indoor Edition! Already one of the best-selling Skillmatics games on Amazon, this exciting scavenger hunt helps children learn as they explore with prompts like ‘Can you find..? Something with a pattern? Something smaller than your palm?’ Shout “FOUND IT!” as soon as you get your hands on the object!

They have 100 hosting spots open for this opportunity! Those selected get to receive a party pack with a selection of Skillmatics card games to sample and share with friends and family.

Learn more and apply here: