Vons and Albertsons Shoppers: Check Your Accounts!

If you shop at Vons or Albertsons, you may have a freebie or high-value coupon waiting for you! Log on to your Vons account (either on vons.com or the Vons app), click the Items You Buy tab, and check for something good.

What you’ll get varies, but I got a $5/$5+ offer! Woo hoo! If you don’t find anything, click the Just4U button, and search FREE in the search bar. I’ve been seeing reports online of free pizza, candy, bread, even butter!

Talk Back: Please let me know what freebie or high-value coupon you scored!

San Diego, CA Area Residents: FREE Produce and Perishable Groceries- 11/13/2020

Our friends over at Faith Chapel understand that with all that’s going on in the world that some of us still need help finding healthy food during this difficult time. And that’s it not always safe for us to go to the store or hit up a farmers market.

Distribution is happening every Friday in November, beginning at 10:00am.

This is a drive-thru style event, so you don’t have to leave your vehicles. There is no paperwork, no questions asked. Show up, pop your trunk, and fresh food is loaded for you, and you are on your way!

Here is a picture of what was available in previous weeks! Sometimes you get produce, sometimes is eggs, milk, and other dairy products and meat- it changes weekly!

Faith Chapel is located at 9400 Campo Road Spring Valley, CA 91977