Shopping online this weekend?

If you are shopping online this weekend, please check out Credit Sesame before you start. Shopping online can open yourself to having your credit compromised- Hackers, Shifty websites that look like the legit websites.
It’s time to give your winter finances a fresh look and get your credit in tip-top shape. Thanks to Credit Sesame, I recently found a mistake on my credit report-it was easy to get rectified too!

Did you know that the recent FTC study found that over 20% of Americans or 40 Million credit reports have reporting errors that are costing consumers money in credit card interest rates and loans?

Make sure that your credit report does not contain erroneous information that could be impacting your credit score. Keep tabs on your credit report activities and your score by signing up for free credit monitoring and score services like Credit Sesame, so that you can easily protect your financial good standing.

* Receive daily credit monitoring alerts
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* Limit ID Theft Damage
* Find Potential Errors Sooner
* Get Access to Better Loans and Save Money

And unlike those “free” credit report offers that you see on TV with the catchy jingles, Credit Sesame is 100% free. You don’t have to enter your credit card number.