Tryazon: Build-A-Bubble Party from South Beach Bubbles

We’ve been participating in Tryazon events for three+ years. We’ve gotten to try all sorts of fun toys, games, and food.  You can learn more about Tryazon here.

Bring the fun of bubble making to a whole new level with this Tryazon Featured Party opportunity, from South Beach Bubbles. Introducing Build-A-Bubble, the bubble fun you can build! The patented connectors and rods can build endless geometric shapes and the bubble result is amazing!  Helps encourage creative and strategic thinking, at home or in educational settings. With Build-A-Bubble the bubble-building possibilities are endless!

Tryazon has 100 hosting spots open for this opportunity! Those selected get to receive a party pack with a selection of Build-A-Bubble kits and other extras to share with friends and family! Learn more and apply here: