Q-insights Survey for Ford Owners Pays $50-$250


Q-insights is another company where I do research groups, focus groups, and online surveys to earn extra money.

They have a lot of stuff in South Orange County, and less often San Diego County. This upcoming survey takes place virtually!

Q-Insights is currently looking for people who have purchased or leased one of the following Ford vehicles that are the model year 2018 or newer. The vehicle can have been purchased or leased New or USED/Pre-owned or currently have one of these vehicles on pre-order:

Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco Sport
Ford Ecosport
Ford Edge
Ford Escape
Ford Expedition
Ford Explorer
Ford F150 (Gasoline)
Ford F150 Lightning
Ford Flex
Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV

This is a 2-part research study:

Part 1 involves completing an online homework assignment between May 16-23 that will take 20-30 minutes and would compensate you $50

Part 2 involves an online webcam focus group being held on May 31, June 1, or June 2 that will be 90 minutes and would pay you an additional $200.

If you currently own one of the above vehicles, please fill out the pre-screener survey here.