April Sprouts Farmers Market Monthly Freebies!

Sprouts is hooking us up and helping us stay healthy! Every month on the Sprouts app in the Digital Coupon section, there are between 4-6 free items (they are marked “SAMPLING PROGRAM”).

Quantities are limited on the app, so if you are interested in any of these, I recommend that you add these coupons (by opening the Sprouts app, click on digital coupons, and click on each coupon in the lower corner where the little green circle is) to your app ASAP.

Not all Sprouts locations will have these freebies, so I suggest trying larger Sprouts locations in your area.

These are full-sized freebies- not small sample-sized products. they are located in the store with the other products of the same type.

Not all accounts will receive all the same products.

This month the following items are available:

  • Plant Boss Product
  • HighKey Mini Cookies
  •  Hoplark Sparkling HopTea, Non-Alcoholic (The Citra Bomb One, The Calm One or The Green Tea One, 16 oz.)
  • Bob’s Red Mill Bar (1.76 oz.)
  • Koia Low Sugar Fruit Smoothie

And because April is Earth Month, make sure to check the coupon section of the Sprouts apps for all kinds of High Value and BOGO coupons for your favorite earth-loving products.