Tryazon: Jewelry Making Night with Liquid Sculpey

I am super excited about this Tryazon Event. I have already applied! We’ve been participating in Tryazon events for three+ years. We’ve gotten to try all sorts of fun toys, games, and food.  You can learn more about Tryazon here.

Gather your friends together for an earring jewelry-making night with this Tryazon Featured Party opportunity, from Sculpey. Liquid Sculpey is an innovative crafting clay that can be used in oven-safe silicone molds, window clings and so much more! It’s simple to use and perfect for beginners and fun for the experienced crafter. When baked, the liquid polymer clay turns strong, flexible, and lightweight making it perfect for jewelry!

Tryazon has 100 hosting spots open for this opportunity! Those selected get to receive a party pack with a variety of Liquid Sculpey to create earrings with friends and family! Learn more and apply here: