San Diego, CA Area Consumer Research Project Earn $150!

This is a brand new study- I got this email earlier this evening, and I have to share it.  I’ve never done a study with this company before, but it looks super fun!

Open to: San Diego Residents – Local to Oceanside (20 miles)

Focus Group Connection is looking for Men and Women to participate in an In-Person Focus Group. This study will take place at local restaurants in Oceanside CA.


This will be a unique study where the discussion will take place at 2 different restaurants. The interviewer will meet you at the restaurant. It will be a fun discussion, but you will be asked to taste alcoholic beverage for the purpose of research.

Due to this, they are asking that you travel to the 1st restaurant using a ride-share or dropped off by a friend or family member. From restaurant 1 to restaurant 2 they will have you ride as a team via bus and you are required to Uber home following restaurant 2. In addition to the incentive, meals, drinks, and any paid ride service (bus, uber) will be paid for also. They will ask you to invite two friends also. All of you must be willing to consume alcoholic beverages. Each of you will be paid $150.00 for your time and insights.

If you’re interested in participating, please click the link below to fill in the pre-screen here. 

Please note – Not everyone will qualify to participate and not everyone will receive a call-back.