6 Baked Potato Toppings That Make a Complete Meal!

Potatoes have gotten a bad rap over the past ten years or so. Potatoes are not the enemy that they have been made out to be. They aren’t an empty vessel to top with copious amounts of butter and sour cream (although that sounds pretty tasty).

In terms of nutrition, potatoes have a lot going on for them. 1 medium-sized potato contains:

  • 25% Daily Value of Potassium
  • 18% Daily Value of Fiber
  • 70% Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • 30% Daily Value of Vitamin B-6
  • 12% Daily Value of Magnesium

Now that you know that potatoes are a healthy food choice, let’s talk about incorporating them into some healthy meals!

Here are six of my favorite baked potato toppings that make a plain ol’ potato a meal!

  1. Chili, cheese, onions
  2. Stew (This is a great use for leftover stew)
  3. Veggies with Sauce (I like the Birdseye broccoli and cheese sauce)
  4. Madras Lentils (and bonus- this is a vegetarian option)
  5. Curry (Some of these curries are vegan!)
  6. Grilled Chicken, broccoli, and alfredo sauce (BJ’s restaurant has a potato with this combo and it is SOO good and filling)

Leftovers of most varieties make great baked potato toppings. One of our favorite camping meals with a baked potato bar. Make up a mess of baked potatoes and heat up and set out any of the above in addition to:

  • Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Chives
  • Sauteed or grilled veggies