Focus Group Connections: Kids11-17 Cell Phone Usage Project $50

Focus Group Connections is a research company located in Southern California. They conduct studies and surveys all over the US.

Focus Group Connection is looking for kids 11-17 to participate in a Focus Group on the topic of “Cellular Applications.”
This study requires the download of an informational app to your child’s cell phone for 9-days.

Focus Group Connection is doing a study to learn more about how pre-teens and teenagers use their mobile devices and how this usage may correlate with their health. To get this information, we would 11-to-17-year olds to answer a survey and download a study app onto their devices for 9 days. We expect it to take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. We expect it to take about 5-10 minutes to install and enroll into the study app, which then runs automatically in the background.

The study app, collects mobile device usage data from cellular devices. This app only tracks mobile device use in terms of whether the phone is on or off, which apps are running, and the time of day the apps are used. It does not collect personal information, phone contacts, the content of any texts or emails, what websites are visited, or other specifics such as which videos are watched on YouTube. For example, the app would know you used the Google Chrome app, but not what you searched for or what websites you visited.

 If you and your child are interested – they will send a short survey link for you (Parent) to complete. If you have a qualifying child, we will email the instructions for the app installation. If selected to participate, your child will receive $50 for their participation. 

If you would like to include your child in this study – Please click here to fill in a short pre-screen. Note it says “August/September”, but they are looking for candidates for October/November.

Consumer Research Project – Paid Opinion Study $150

Focus Group Connection, a research company in the Southern California area is currently recruiting for an upcoming study on  the topic of “Social Issues.” This study will be two hours (120 minutes) in length. To participate, you must have a working Desktop or Laptop computer with high-speed Internet, audio, and a working webcam. If selected, you will receive $150.00 for your time and insights.

They are looking for Men and Women to participate in an online Consumer Research Project taking place between May 4th – May 10th.

If you’re interested, please complete the pre-screener here.

Consumer Research Project – Paid Opinion Study Earn Up to $200

This survey information came into my inbox this morning. I’ve never worked with Focus Group Connection before, and this is the first time I’ve shared an opportunity with them.
This Research Project is only open to residents of Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nebraska.
Focus Group Connection is looking for Men and Women to participate in an online Consumer Research Project taking place from March 17th – April 1st  on the topic of “Current Events.” This is a three-part study. Not everyone will be selected to continue after part one.
  • Part-one will be a 15-minute Pre-Call – Incentive will be $25.00
  • Part-two (If selected) will be a 3-day online blog assignment – Incentive will be $75.00
  • Part-three (If selected) will be a 90-minute, one-on-one Interview – Incentive will be $100.00
Total Incentive is up to $200.00 for your time and insights.
If you’re interested in participating, please click here to fill in the pre-screen.
Please note – Not everyone will qualify to participate and not everyone will receive a call-back.