Q-insights Washing Machine Survey Pays $150-$400

QI-logoNOslogan.pngQ-insights is another company where I do research groups, focus groups, and online surveys to earn extra money.

They have a lot of stuff in South Orange County, and less often San Diego County. This upcoming survey takes place virtually!

Q-Insights is currently recruiting for 2 new surveys going on for homeowners ages 20-59 who have purchased a new washing machine in the past 5 years.

Top-Load Washing Machine Survey Pays $150-$400

  • Regions: Northern California, Southern California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey
  • Dates: Sept 15-23
  • Study Requirements – 2-part research study
  • Part 1 – online photo diary that takes approx 2 hours and pays $150. You would be sharing pictures and answering questions online.
  • Part 2 – Some participants may be invited to do a follow-up Zoom call where you would give a virtual tour of your laundry equipment. This is approx 70 minutes long and would pay an additional $250.

Front-Load Washing Machine Survey Pays $350

  • Dates: Sept 19-23 Regions: Southern California, New York, & New Jersey
  • Study Requirements – 75 minute in person interview where our clients would come to your home and interview you regarding your laundry equipment.

Please note that you will be required to share pictures of your washing machine which include the model number and/or the manufacturing year, so please do not apply if you have older equipment.

If you have purchased a new washing machine in the past few years and meet the requirements for either of the above research studies, please fill out the pre-screener survey here and one of our recruiters will contact you.

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