Secret Shop and have fun with Amusement Advantage!

Y’all know I love to secret shop!

I learned about Amusement Advantage from Brooke and Christine. They have all sorts of fun shops: movie theatres, amusement parks, museums, and more!

From their website: “We only evaluate attractions, amusement locations, and entertainment facilities.  Our shops give you the opportunity to have fun with friendly and family and include reimbursement for you some of your guests expenses and in most cases a little extra cash profit or extra free tickets for your time and efforts.  Click here to see a list of locations we are currently shopping.  Curious what others shoppers say about our company?  Click here to see reviews from other shoppers just like you!”

If you want to Check out Amusement Advantage and see if there are opportunities near you, click here. If you decide to sign up, use my email as a referral. We’ll each get a little something extra.