Smart & Final Now has and App and Digital Coupons!

Smart and Final, a California based grocery store has entered the 21st century! We have one close by, so it’s our go-to for milk or other mid-week items. They are known for having club-sized items without having to join a club, and they have a lot of foodservice sized products.

In their store flyer for this week, there was an ad for their new app, complete with a 15% off coupon when you download their app and clip the digital coupon! Woo Hoo!

Once you sign up and add your phone number and email, download the app from wherever you get apps. You can log on and you’ll find the usual manufacturer coupons, but you’ll also find these sweet coupons:

The Pepsi coupon snuck in there, but 15% off, and savings on eggs (valid in CA only, other states may get other coupons instead) are both great.

I don’t really do much paper couponing these days unless it’s coupons I receive in the mail (usually from Social Nature), so saving money at Smart and Final has been limited to apps like Ibotta and Fetch Rewards in the past. And with the prices of food going up, this 15% off coupon could be a great way to save if you need to start your year off with a large shopping trip. And you can combine that coupon with others, so you can still clip other digital coupons, and use rebate apps too!