PiadViewPoint- Now you can cash out sooner!

I received this info in my inbox this morning and I had to share it. Most of you know that I love PaidViewPoint and that it’s one of the best survey companies around (at least in my opinion). They just got better.

PaidViewPoint members have been asking for lower cash-out limits, and PaidViewPoint has listened!

Your initial cash-out threshold will remain the same for security purposes. You must use PayPal, and you must have earned a minimum of $15.00. Once you have completed your first cash out, your second cash out threshold will only be $10.00! After that, you’ll be able to cash out every time you earn $5.00!

I’ve been a member for 4-ish years, and I do a couple surveys each week. Each Survey you are sent you are pre-qualified for. That means that you won’t spend 20 minutes doing a survey only to be told, “Sorry, we don’t need you!” and you don’t get paid. PaidViewPoint surveys vary in bounty/amount earned, starting at .10 and working up to $5 (I got a $5 survey last week- they are rare, but definitely worth it!).

You will receive an email when they have surveys for you, but I check my PaidViewPoint account a few times a week to see if there are any available, just in case I miss emails from them.

If you are looking for a survey company that doesn’t mess around, I recommend PaidViewPoint!


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