My monthly Savings to do list…

file000901554050I get asked a lot about how do I manage to stay on top of all of the deals and programs that I take part in?

I calendar it.  I use my Google Calendar to remind me each month.  Here are just a few of the types of reminders I have set up:





1st (then once a week after that): Printable coupons refresh. Print new coupon from Coupons.comSmartSourceRedPlumHopster. Check apps and add items that appeal. Here are a list of the apps I use.

1st: L’Oreal Gold Rewards– enter 2 more codes. I do love free hair color!

1st and 15th: Mail out SBKC junk mail envelopes. I process our mail when it all comes in and I put the junk mail in the envelopes as it comes in.

Daily: I spend a little time each day (usually when Lil’ Man is napping) working my points programs. This includes Swagbucks (doing surveys, watching videos) and Mypoints (I save all of my Mypoints emails and do them all at once, one time a day). I also try and do MTurk work too (about 20 minutes, usually while I’m on hold calling someone, or while Hubs and I watch a movie n the evening.

Once a Week: Log onto Recyclebank to see what new point earning opportunities there are to do, check BzzAgent and Smiley360 to see if there are any new campaigns to get in on (and score some sweet freebies).  I also clip out the coupons I need when I get coupon inserts. I stopped getting the paper, so I usually get inserts from friends and family who don’t coupon, or who use different coupons than I do.  I go through the cupboard and meal plan for the coming week.

As I am notified via emailPaid View Point (some of the surveys are time sensitive- those usually pay extra!), PineCone Research (surveys must be completed 3-6 days upon receiving the email).

Last day of the month: Clean out coupon wallet and removed expiring/expired coupons.

As needed/codes become available: Enter Pampers points, Huggies codes. I use the Swagbucks tool bar to do most of my internet searches, so I earn Swagbucks points intermittently with that too. I also order free samples when I see them available online. I’ll be posting about what I do with all the samples coming up.

I try to do as much shopping online with discounts as I can.  That means I check with Mypoints, Swagbucks,  and UPromise to see who is giving the better points/cash back, and I use my Upromise Master Card to make purchases online (which earns me even more cash- up to 5%, when I shop through the UPromise website at selected merchants). I also check Retailmenot for coupon codes before shopping online too.

How do you keep track of all of your programs to save money?