Review: Cool Maker Girls Spa Night Party

Recently Tryazon sent me three products to host a Cool Maker Girls Spa Night Party. Covid and the County of San Diego regulations threw a wrench in that plan, so instead, I contacted some local mom friends and asked them if they wanted to host their own spa times with their girls. Bitty Bird and I did it yesterday, and we are sharing our kits with our buddies.
We received the following:
Cool Maker, Hollywood Hair Extension Maker. Bitty was most excited about this one. She had pink hair over the summer and has been longing for funky hair again.  It was easy to set up, and while it only held her attention for 20-30 minutes, it was fun.

Cool Maker, GO Glam Nail Stamper Deluxe Salon with Dryer for Manicures and Pedicures. This was frustrating. You must use the polish included, and she didn’t like either of the colors. The polish and the stamps come off when you wash your hands, so 20 minutes later, the few nails we got the stamps to stick to were gone. This is a post COVID activity.
Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa This was the most fun, however, ORBEEZ take upwards of 4 hours to plump up, so prep this one well in advance. You have to use both sachets of Orbeez and the bottle of pre-plumped Orbeez that comes with the kit in order for it to be anywhere near enough. If we use this again, I’ll be getting a lot more to fill the tub up more. The battery-powered motor is a little loud.

It was hard to do all of these activities and take pictures, but I did manage to snag a few:

Look on trend with Color-Changing Nail Polish! (Review and giveaway)

delsolpolishI love nail polish. I was stoked when Del Sol asked me to review two of their nail polish colors.

I chose May I? and Graffiti. Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.22.15 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.22.35 AMMay I? is a light purple that turns dark when exposed to sunlight, and Graffiti is clear with silver, red, and black glitter that turns reddish pink in the sun. What I like about Del Sol is:

  • 5-Free: No harmful toxins added
  • Never tested on animals
  • Lifetime Color Change Guarantee

The nail polish is long lasting, and I’m really tough on manicures. I’m going on day 5 without chips!

Ok, so I’m sure you are asking… How does it work? Well,  it’s simple: Spectrachrome® Crystals reveal hidden colors when exposed to ultraviolet waves; i.e., sunlight. When a flower blooms, the result is the exposure of the inherent color of the flower. A Spectrachrome® crystal is similar in that an energy-shift occurs causing the color of the dye to become visible to the human eye. The dye does not actually “change” color; rather, it becomes visible to the human eye.

Check out the photo I posted on Instargram! I’m excited that Del Sol is giving away 2 bottles of their color change polish to ONE of my readers! Entering is easy: Leave a comment with a your favorite color nail polish! I’ll choose a winner on December 16th!

I received these bottles of nail polish to facilitate my review, I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

Save Money with a DIY Pedicure (and look like you just stepped out of a spa!)

file4461303072393 (1)I love a good pedicure. Living in California, I wear sandals 300 days in a year. What I don’t love is paying $40-$60 each month for a good pedicure that lasts a month. Sure, sure, I could get a cheaper pedicure, but the polish would chip in a week and I’d look scruffy.

Here are some tips for a great at home spa pedicure.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.00.45 AMYou don’t need a foot spa. I use a Rubbermaid Dish pan. I got it on Amazon for $9.00. It’s the perfect size for both of my big feet to fit into (I wear a size 11.5 shoe!) After I’m done with it, I just scrub it out with dish soap, a little beach, hot water, and dry it by hand. The best part is, you can store all of your pedicure supplies in the tub. You can also use a shallow pan or basin that both of your feet will fit in.

Use good quality tools. There are coupons regularly for Revlon and Sally Hansen beauty tools. In my pedicure kit I have:

Cuticle Remover, orangewood sticks, Polish remover, Emory boards, Buffing block, Cuticle nipper, nail scoop/nail cleaner, base coat, Top Coat, Colored polish, q-tips, cotton balls, alcohol, cuticle oil, foot scrub, callus remover, Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar, lotion. (I’ve included links to products on Amazon that I love!)

Now that you’ve gathered all the needed supplies here are the steps to a top notch pedicure!

Here are some simple steps that will have you pampering your feet in 30 minutes or less:
• Remove old polish using a gentle nail polish remover (if you have glitter polish on, check out this tutorial on getting that stubborn polish off).
• Clip and file your nails. The modern look for nails is to keep them on the short side with a straight shape and slightly-rounded edge. Remember to file in one direction- don’t saw back and forth, it will weaken and damage your nail.
• Soak your feet for about ten minutes in a dishpan or plastic bowl filled with warm water and a few drops of your favorite body wash or Epsom salts (which have excellent relaxing properties that will soothe your tired, aching feet)
• Apply a cuticle remover; after a few minutes, push back the cuticles gently using an orangewood stick. Use Cuticle nippers to remove dead skin around the cuticle bed. Clean under your toenails with the nail scoop/cleaner.
• Apply a callus remover liquid containing alpha hydroxy acids. Slip you feet into plastic bags for 5-10 minutes, remove the bags and use a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells.
• Use an exfoliating foot scrub on your feet and calves, remove with a hot, damp towel. I make up 3 or 4 per pedicure and keep them warm in a crockpot set to low.
• Massage feet and calves with a creamy hand lotion. Rub in for a couple of minutes in order to fully hydrate the skin, particularly if you are suffering from dry skin.
• Use some rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad on your nail beds to remove any lotion on your nails (The lotion will keep the polish from adhering to your nails) and apply a base coat. Adter the base coat is dry, apply two coats of your favorite nail polish color. Add nail decals, gems or paint flowers on your toes! Follow with a topcoat.

What kinds of frugal beauty regimens do you have?