Weekly Round-up of Research Studies from PRC!

PRC aka iOpinion is a nationwide research study company. They are always running studies and looking for more respondents. They send me an email once a week with online studies they are looking to fill. Here are just a few:

Topic: Video Game Consoles
Incentive: $150
Who: Adults, 18+ years old, who currently own a video game console
Location: Online via webcam
Duration: 60 minutes
Date(s): April 14-17, 2023
*Proof of ownership is required.
Take Survey >> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8RD7NZN

Topic: Gaming
Incentive: $150 digital incentive
Who: San Diego, CA residents
Location: In-person location
Duration: 60-minute individual interviews
Date: April 2023
Take Survey >> https://forms.gle/skuTy2eALe8CXQ2B7

Topic: Stroke Study
Incentive:  $125-$200 Digital Incentive
Who: Nationwide Residents
Location: Online webcam interview
Duration: 60-minute
Date: April 2023
*Physician Proof of condition will be mandatory!
Take Survey >> https://forms.gle/DXgUmPDG4mcrPvRg9

Topic: Sleep Apnea
Incentive: $150
Who: Males and Females; 35+ years of age
Location: Online webcam interviews; from the comfort of your home or office
Duration: 45-minute
Date: April 2023
Take Survey >> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PRCSleep