Bringing it Back: Meal Plan Monday!



It’s back! After a long hiatus, I’m back to meal planning! If you are new to meal planning, check out my article on how to get started here.

This week I’m starting off by doing a quick fridge and pantry inventory, and making a batch of cookies.


  • D:Baked Ziti, steamed veggies


  • D:  Indian food (Chicken Korma, steamed rice, steamed veggies)- I have a kit!


  • D: breakfast for dinner (probably pancakes, eggs, and sausage) and fruit salad


  • D: Salsa Chicken with brown rice


  • D: Bean and veggie enchiladas, green salad


  • D:Veggie and cheese egg bake


  • D: Leftovers

Lil’ Man has started eating a small toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast along with yogurt and fruit.  Mr. C has been eating Oatmeal (from a awesome recipe I found online and altered) every AM, and I usually have an HMR Protein Shake, or I’ll make myself a bagel too.

Lunches for Lil’ Man are usually a grilled cheese, yogurt, a granola bar, and fruit (cut up apple, orange, or banana).  I have leftovers or a frozen entree, and Mr. C usually a salad or leftovers or an HMR protein shake (He did  the program last year and really digs on the shakes), or he has a business lunch and opts for a salad and lean protein.

Now I’m off to make a big ol’ batch of cookies!!