Ditch Your Junk Mail & Earn a $20 Visa Gift Card!

One of the ways that I earn extra spending/Christmas money is I participate in SBKC’s junk mail program. It’s easy and takes no time and almost zero effort.

The Small Business Knowledge Center (SBKC) studies marketing techniques and practices.  They securely dispose of your junk mail after they are done with it- no need to worry!

SBKC mails you postage paid envelopes, you stuff your junk mail into it and drop it into the mail.
pngYou will receive points for your junk mail, and once you receive 2000 points, you will receive a $20 pre-paid Visa GiftCard!  I am really excited about this because I can save these for holiday shopping, or spend on a fun date or an afternoon out with Lil’ Man!

You can also forward emails to SBKC as well.  They occasionally have special projects where they are looking for special items like welcome packets for credit cards, Explanation of Benefits from your health insurance carrier, or loan information that you can obtain by walking into your bank or credit union.  Special projects offer additional/bonus points or gift cards .

I’ve done SBKC for 5 years and I consistently earn 5 or 6 gift cards per year!  That’s free money that I didn’t have to work for.  Just forward some emails before I hit “delete” and toss my junk mail into an envelope as it comes into the house and mail an envelope once a week.

They email you once a month to update you on the amount of points you have and with any special projects they have going on. A few times a year they look for special types of mail, open enrollment solicitations, IRA or other investment/retirement info. When they want those materials, they’ll email you and let you know- usually there is a bounty of extra points available too!

Unlike many other programs, you can sign everyone in your home who is over the age of 18!

If you are interested in signing up, here is the link. In the box next to: How did you here about the SBKC Consumer Panel? Please type my name: Abby Hewes. I get points for referrals, and once you sign up and refer your friends, you will too!